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Wrong Site Surgery
When a surgeon operates on the wrong limb, the patient often sustains a devastating injury. Wrong site surgery occurs not only on the wrong limb or organ but on the wrong patient. This error results from numerous breakdowns in the hospital's system, including poor preoperative planning, a lack of institutional controls, the failure of the surgeon to exercise due care, or poor communication between the surgeon and the patient. More...
Liability of Charitable Hospitals
In the past, the courts of many states concluded that private charitable hospitals were not liable for the tortious conduct of their doctors and nurses. The principal reasons given in defense of this blanket immunity included:More...
Mitigation of Damages in Medical Malpractice Cases
In most tort cases, an injured party is not permitted to just sit back and do nothing to improve his or her own condition following an injury. The same is true in medical malpractice cases. A patient who is injured as the result of the negligence of a professional healthcare provider has an obligation to take reasonable steps to minimize his damages. He will not be entitled to recover for any damages that could have been avoided by reasonable care. More...
Oncology Malpractice
Oncology MalpracticeMore...
Vicarious Liability of Hospitals for Physicians' Negligence
Vicarious Liability of Hospitals for Physicians' NegligenceMore...

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