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At the Law Offices of Thomas J. Popovich, P.C., our attorneys have helped many people pursue personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death claims.

The following are some of the settlements and verdicts we have won for our clients.

Verdict: $3,000,000.00

Criminal sexual abuse of a minor.
Roe v. Metcalf
Case No. 01 L 470
Lake County

Settlement: $2,000,000.00

Wrongful death of 19-year old boy in collision with semi tractor trailer.
Davila v. USF Holland, Inc.
Case No 02 C 7021
US District Court
North, Dist. of IL

Settlement: $2,000,000.00

41-year old woman killed in auto accident.
Estate of Craven v. Reliable Transportation
Case No. 01 L 502
Will County

Settlement: $1,900,000.00

Wrongful death of 18-year old male caused by paramedic/theme park failure to respond to fatal medical condition.
Estate of Lewis v. Six Flags and Medcor, Inc.
Case No. 99 L 608
Lake County

Verdict: $1,289,132.16

Newborn baby girl suffered a brachial plexus (shoulder) injury as the result of the negligence of the delivering obstetrician.
Hawkins v. Zimmerman
Case No 01IL621
Lake County

Settlement: $1,250,000.00

Wrongful death of 33-year old male who was an innocent by stander in police chase case.
Leisten v. City of Zion
Case No. 94 L 955
Lake County

Settlement: $625,000.00

Wrongful death of 19-year old male in auto collision.
Ackerman v. Bowgren
Case No 98LA167
McHenry County

Verdict: $625,000.00

55-year old male suffered a herniated disc when he was rear-ended by defendant.
Foley v. McGee et al
Case No 0L1436
Lake County

Settlement: $600,000.00

Wrongful death of 22-year old female in car accident.
Prien v. Hamil
Case No 97LA349
McHenry County

Settlement: $700,000.00

44-year old male suffered from temporary traumatic brain injury in car collision.
Garst v. Schiller, et al.
Case No 99LA104
McHenry County

Settlement: $300,000.00

Husband/Father suffered the death of his wife, 40 years old and daughter age two, when the defendant crossed the centerline and struck wife's vehicle.
Kreischer v. Robey
Case No 01LA116
McHenry County

Jury Verdict: $399,692.00

42-year old male suffered from closed head injury, when he was struck by a falling plank.
Mikoleit v. Deckert & Assoc.
Case No 93L2006
Dupage County

Jury Verdict: $300,000.00

27 year old female suffered leg injuries in boat/jet ski collision.
Peterson v. Harte
Case No 95L28
Lake County

Jury Verdict: $259,000.00
Defendant's policy limit

49-year old male was killed when the driver of the vehicle he was in crossed the centerline and struck an oncoming car.
Payne v. Lewis
Case No 01LA346
McHenry County

Settlement: $262,500.00

Defendant's policy limit

44-year old female was a pedestrian on the side of a road when she was struck from behind and killed.
Sznajder v. Rich
Case No 01LA90
McHenry County

Settlement: $200,000.00

84-year old female lost left eye when she rolled over in a hospital bed where the mattress was too small for the bed frame. In addition, there was exposed metal on the frame.
Miller v. Woodstock Residence
Case No 00LA391
McHenry County

Jury Verdict: $190,000.00

16-year old female suffered neck & back injuries in car accident.
Gibson v. Massarelli
Case No 93L1074
Lake County

Settlement: $185,000.00

33-year old female suffered a right tibia fracture when the defendant driver crossed the centerline and struck her vehicle.
Havlis v. Costello
No Case Filed
McHenry County

Settlement: $150,000.00
Defendant's policy limit

54-year old male suffered back & neck injuries in car accident.
Krebs v. Amidei
Case No 98L135
McHenry County

Jury Verdict: $143,362.00

18-year old male sustained fractures of wrist and ribs and neck/back injuries in car collision.
Trabert v. Velez
Case No 95L473
Lake County

Jury Verdict: $130,000.00

28-year old male suffered from broken ankle when he fell from scaffold while painting above overhead doors at McHenry Fire Department.
Weyde v. MCFPD
Case No 99LA62
McHenry County

Jury Verdict: $130,000.00

41-year old female suffered neck & back injuries in car accident.
Angarone v. San Mornino
Case No 98L222
Dupage County

Settlement: $122,500.00

54 year old female suffered fractured leg when she slipped & fell at gas station.
Galway v. Graham Enterprises
Case No 98L135
McHenry County

Settlement: $105,000.00

71-year old female suffered a fractured hip after being over-medicated with pain-killers and not properly watched/restrained.
Leudtke v. Centegra
No Case Filed
McHenry County

Settlement: $100,000.00
Defendant's Insurance Policy Limit

41 year old male suffered from fracture of the ankle in auto accident.
McKenzie v. Tulawie
Case No 98L135
Cook County

Settlement: $100,000.00
Defendant's Insurance Policy Limit

28-year old female suffered broken leg & foot in auto accident.
Morrison v. Szilagyi
Case No 98LA121
McHenry County

Settlement: $100,000.00
Defendant's Insurance Policy Limit

46-year old male suffered head injuries in auto/motorcycle collision.
Porter v. Roth
Case No 99LA104

McHenry County

Reported Cases

Suwanski v. Village of Lombard, 342 Ill.App.3d 248, 794 N.E.2d 1016, 276 Ill. Dec. 766 (2 nd Dist. 2003). This is the first reported case in Illinois where a Plaintiff overturned on appeal the granting of defendant’s summary judgment motion at the trial court level in a police pursuit case.

American Family Mut. Ins. Co. v. Enright, 334 Ill.App.3d 1026, 269 Ill. Dec. 597 Ill. App. (2 nd Dist. 2002). This case is the first time in Illinois that an insurance company was held responsible for defending and indemnifying a business policy holder for negligent hiring of an employee who committed a sexual assault on a third party related to his employment.

Hall v. Henn, (2 nd Dist. 2005 ). 208 Ill.App.3 rd 325, 802 NE2nd 979 (Illinois Supreme Court, 2003). The defendants built and maintained the sled run in their backyard, which was made purely of ice and snow. They admitted the luge-like course was not intended nor available for public use. The defendants invited the plaintiff to use their property and the Plaintiff, not aware the sled run had been watered down, slipped on the ice and was seriously injured. With this background, the Illinois Supreme Court had no alternative than to affirm the appellate court, which reversed the trial court’s granting of summary judgment in favor of the Henn's. The Court determined that the legislature did not intend the Act to immunize the Henn's who never made their private property available to the public, as the Act prescribes.


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